Passion For Paws Puppy Pre-School

When to register your puppy:

Our Puppy pre-school will start once they have had their second vaccination.
This is when the fun begins!

How long does Puppy Pre-School last:

Puppy Pre-School will run from 12 weeks – 12 months.
This is a significant period within your puppy’s early development.

What to expect from our Puppy Pre-School:

Puppy Pre-school will work on your puppy’s socialisation, Attention, Fun, Enrichment and Routine as well as a structured training program.

Passion For Paws has a reputation for being your number one solution to dog and puppy care and socialisation. With our wealth of knowledge and skills we offer an exceptional puppy program that you will proud to use.

We are dedicated and focused on working on all key areas to do with your puppy’s early development. With regular social interaction and our in house puppy training program, we will ensure that your puppy grows up to be one smart Pup! 

Our Puppy Pre-School mission is to empower our puppies ensuring that we create a positive difference to their lives as well as providing the highest quality of care possible. 

This is a significant period within their early development, which will shape your puppy into the best dog that they can be.

We also provide your puppy with down time if we feel that it’s necessary and also stick to their feeding regime throughout the day which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

We also understand that a big concern for new puppy paw parents is separation anxiety. Even though very short periods of alone time throughout the day are encouraged. We feel that it’s important to provide an early morning pick up service. Which means you get to wave your puppy off to school and into one of our air conditioned school buses.

We believe that it’s important to give regular feed back to our doggy paw parents on their early developments and we achieve this by our daily report cards that are given.

Our priority is to invest our time, skills and resources into creating a unique enrichment for your puppy along with routine, socialisation and training schedules.

We achieve this by using one simple approach, the SAFER approach.


We believe that socialisation and routine is key for your puppy’s confidence and early development. We achieve this by keeping our days structured and fun at all times. We also make sure that all pups have the opportunity to engage with one another in a safe and enriched environment.


Our puppy pre-school has a designated area within our daycare and will have one of our team be their primary carer throughout their day. What we believe in is simple, the more you put into your puppy at an early stage the more you will get out once your puppy has graduated into adulthood.


We want your puppy to be a happy pup so throughout their day at pre-school they will be able to embark in many fun activities. This will ensure that they will stay stimulated as well as entertained at the same time.


Here at Passion For Paws we pride ourselves in giving six different types of enrichment. We provide Cognitive, social, physical, sensory, feeding and Toy enrichments. Which will be sure to keep your pup busy throughout their day with us.


We believe that routine is key to early development. This is crucial for your puppy to stay healthy and to establish good behavioral patterns. We achieve this by keeping to a very tight schedule and routine from start to finish. At Passion For Paws we always pick up and drop off your puppy around the same time (before rush hour). This is to give you reassurance that your puppies day will always be structured. Which will mean your puppy will gain confidence, giving them a routine that they are happy and familiar with.

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