All dogs are free to run around for as long as their heart desires and with a wide range of fun activities. (Sandpit/paddling pool/agility course etc) for them to get their paws into. You will be rest assured that once home time comes they are ready for a long awaited cuddle in front of the tv.

Full day including pick up and drop off £30 additional dog £20 extra.


Here at Passion For Paws we are dedicated and focused on working on all key areas to do with your puppy’s early development. With regular social interaction and our in house puppy training, we will ensure that your puppy grows up to be one happy Pup!

Our training will run from 12 weeks – 12 months.

Full day including pick up and drop off £30 additional dog £20 extra.



We also boast from an on-site dog grooming parlour for those who are in desperate need for a tidy up or even just a bit of pampering. We provide everything under one woof as we understand that convenience plays a huge part in people’s life’s, why make things harder for ourselves.

£30 small/medium dog

£40 large dog.

*includes cut, wash and blow dry.


Why not treat your dog to a luxurious holiday whilst your away. Here at Passion For Paws we give you, the doggy parents piece of mind knowing that your dog is having fun whilst your in the sun. Your dog will get full use of our daycare centre during the day and then a home from home environment in the evening.

£35 per night (plus pick up/drop off at £10)

Additional dog £25 extra.

Next (paw)Steps…

If you (or your best friend) would like to meet us for more information or for a look around our fantastic daycare centre then please contact us, we’ll be right back in touch to discuss.

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